Committee of Management

The Executive Committee is the governing body, which consists of Officers of the Association -viz President and 2 Vice-Presidents elected every 2 years in terms of the Rules of the Association, and not more than 12 (twelve) elected members. The Immediate Past President, if he is not a Member of the Executive Committee will be also a Member of the Committee of Management.

Power of Executive Committee

The affairs of the Association will be managed by the Executive Committee and they may exercise all the powers of the Association save and except such as by the Rules of Association. For more details of the Rules of Association, please contact the AAC.

Members of the Executive Committee AAC

Mr. Dhammika Attygalle
President and Chairman

Mr. E.J. De Soysa
Vice President

Dr.Vijaya Corea
Vice President

Committee Members

Mr Keerthi Gunawardana.

Mr Ananda Dangalla.

Dr Lakshman Weerasena.

Mr S Mannapperuma.

Mr Upali Gooneratne,P.C

Mr Lal Rodrigo.

Mr N Z Passela.

Mr S V Ganesh.

Mr. Mark Fernando.

Mr P H Liyanage, J.P.

Mr.S. Ravi.

Mr.Upali Peries


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