Child Safety

Establish road safety practices and routines in children at an early age as they are curious and want to explore. Protect and supervise children in all traffic situations.
  •   Talk with children about road safety in ways they would understand.
  •   Watch their movements and never leave them unattended especially in the vicinity of a road.
  •   Young children depend on adults to keep them safe. Never leave a child alone in the car, this can prove dangerous as they can manipulate the car or if no ventilation is present, suffocate.
  •   Children may also be restless and distract the driver, while traveling in a vehicle. Ensure wearing of seatbelt.
  •   They can be hard to see in traffic, therefore hold their hand when walking on the road.
  •   They may be easily distracted. They need help to understand what to watch out and listen for.
  •   Injuries may be more severe than an adult's due to their smaller size.