How To Protect Your Vehicle?

Tips to make sure that vehicles remain secure and undamaged
  •   Keep your vehicle's windows and sunroofs completely closed. Even a minuscule opening in a car window can provide enough room for thieves to work their way in.
  •   Park in well - lit, attended areas. Lights and people will deter most car thieves and vandals.
  •   Keep your keys with you and lock your vehicle at all times. One out of every five stolen cars is taken with the keys in it. Half of all vehicles stolen are left unlocked.
  •   Don't leave your vehicle engine running. Never leave your car engine running unless you are in the driver's seat.
  •   Avoid leaving valuables in your vehicle, especially in visible areas. Keep bags and packages out of sight and make sure things like stereo equipment are theft protected.
  •   Use theft-prevention devices. Car alarms (particularly when the vehicle is marked as being alarmed) help deter theft. Steering wheel locks, protective steering columns, and car-disabling locks for the ignition, fuel, and other systems make it more difficult for a thief to drive away. Tracking systems, which help the police locate a vehicle if it is stolen, improve the chances of recovery.