Breakdown Services

Our comprehensive range of services across all areas of automobile needs, including emergency breakdown service, provide our clients with hassle free solutions. Our trained technicians at Automobile Association of Ceylon and accredited service points around the island guarantee a reliable and excellent service. In addition to the 24 hour emergency breakdown service, AAC offers up - to - date information on regional road conditions as well as the latest in motoring news.
Breakdown Road Services
  •   Our " First Aid " 24 - hour mechanical breakdown assistance will enable you to proceed to your destination or, in case of a major breakdown, to the nearest garage.
  •   Delivery of fuel/oil and wheel change due to puncture.
  •   An islandwide breakdown service is also operable through our officially appointed Aid-Point garages.
  •   A list of these garages is published in every issue of the "Record ".
  •   Our technicians also undertake minor adjustments free of charge to members' vehicles at our headquarters.
  •   Loan battery services.
  •   Battery Jump start service.
  •   The services of a Tow Truck is available for members at a discounted price islandwide. The Trailer enables even the most expensive vehicle to be moved to any destination, in case of a breakdown or accident , without any further damage to the vehicle.
Home Start Service

Whenever an AAC member's vehicle is immobile at his/her residence, the Automobile Association of Ceylon " Home Start " Service will be provided , including changing a wheel due to a puncture, battery jump start, etc..

AAC Service Points

The Automobile Association of Ceylon accredited Aid Point Garages located around the Island cater to the emergency and maintenance needs of our members.

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